Welcome to the Schroeder Research Group! We are a synthetic chemistry group based at the Chemistry Department at University College London. Our research activities focus on the design and synthesis of functional materials for organic electronic applications. We are particularly interested in finding creative solutions for energy and healthcare applications, by exploiting the unique properties of π-conjugated molecules and polymers.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving and work closely together with colleagues in chemistry, physics, materials science and engineering to develop and study the materials powering tomorrow’s technologies.


April 2021: Charles Chen (co-supervised with Prof Palgrave) started his MSc work in the lab to develop new lead free halometallates.

March 2021: Dr Harsh Bhatia joined the group for his postdoctoral research funded by Innovate UK. Harsh is jointly supervised with Prof Palgrave and will study new hybrid photovoltaic absorber materials.

March 2021: A big welcome to Adibah Zamhuri, who is joining the group for her PhD studies, supported by a MyBrainSc scholarship from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. Adibah will be working on the synthesis of organic photoacoustic nanoparticles trough emulsion polymerisation.

February 2021: Congratulations to Zach for passing his PhD upgrade viva! Only one examination to go 😉

November 2020: Lewis successfully defended his PhD thesis. Many congratulations Dr Cowen!

October 2020: Jessie, Toby, Rizwan, Israq and Andras are joining the group for their MSci projects studying doping, photo-acoustics and self-healing in organic semiconductors.

October 2020: We welcome back two familiar faces to the group, Megan who will be starting her PhD, and Ana, who will be doing her rotation in the group as part of her LIDo PhD program.

September 2020: Many congratulations to Zilu Liu for passing her PhD viva. Thank you for all the hard work Zilu and we wish you all the best for your future adventures!

August 2020: After eight exciting weeks, Aisha’s summer internship came to an end. She not only studied the supramolecular interactions in organic semiconductors, but also showcased her creative side with a chemical inspired henna.

July 2020: Congratulations to Zach for successfully passing his first year PhD viva!

June 2020: Many congratulations to Megan for winning this year’s final year project (SARPIC) students’ choice award in her session “functional polymers and active sensing”.

June 2020: We are glad to welcome Ryan back to the group to conduct his PhD research focusing on the design of biocompatible organic semiconductors for nerve regeneration, co-supervised by Dr James Phillips and and Prof. Alethea Tabor.

June 2020: Zilu’s work on how to control the thermoelectric properties of organo-metallic coordination polymers was published in Advanced Functional Materials.

May 2020: Congratulations to Lewis on getting his collaborative work with the Gu and Chiu research groups published in Advanced Functional Materials.

March 2020: Big congratulations to Yasmin for passing her MPhil to PhD upgrade viva!

February 2020: Yasmin spent a month in Prof Yutaka Majima’s lab at Tokyo Tech to learn more about the fabrication of single-molecule transistors.


February 2020: Oliver visited the lab for a day as part of his career progression development (CPD) to shadow Zach and see first hand how a research laboratory operates.


February 2020: Bob was visiting Prof Yu-Cheng Chiu at NTSUT and Prof Ho-Hsiu at NTHU. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and for sharing your exciting science!


January 2020: Congratulations to Lewis on his work on polymorphism in naphthalene diimide based semiconductors, published in J. Mat. Chem. C.

December 2019: After an intense and very successful year it was time to wind down for the group over Christmas dinner!


December 2019: Zilu’s work with the University of Bristol on conjugated microporous polymers for explosive detection got published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. Well done!

November 2019: Congratulations to Zilu for her contribution to perovskite doping for thermoelectric applications, published in Nature Comm.

October 2019: Umut, Ana, Megan, Sahla, Ryan, Lillian, Yingxue and Peiyun joined the group to conduct their MSci/MSc and rotation research on various aspects of organic semiconductors.

September 2019: Welcome to Zach, who joined the group to conduct his PhD research on controlling the self-assembly of organic semiconductors for plastic electronics. Zach is jointly supervised with Dr Giorgio Volpe.

September 2019: Bob has been awarded a prestigious UKRI Future Leader Fellowship to develop organic semiconductors for bionic skin.

September 2019: Zilu’s collaborative work with QMUL got published in Advanced Electronic Materials. Well done Zilu!

September 2019: Congratulations to Yasmin for successfully passing her first year PhD viva!

August 2019: Bob had the pleasure to give a talk at the SPIE Optics & Photonics in sunny San Diego on “organometallic coordination polymers for plastic electronic applications”.

July 2019: Well done to Yasmin and Zilu, who presented their research at the MacroGroup UK Young Researchers Meeting 2019 held at the University of Kent.


July 2019: Congratulations to Weipeng and Yassin on their MSci awards! Thank you very much for all your hard work and we wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours.

July 2019: Bob gave invited seminars at the University of Tokyo and the Tokyo Institute of Technology on the synthesis of “air-stable n-type organic semiconductors for thermoelectric applications”. Many thanks to Dr Kurosawa and Prof Majima for the invitations and their hospitality.

June 2019: We welcome Alexa Marroquin and Ana Ivanus, who joined the group to conduct summer internships on the synthesis of organic semiconductors.


May 2019: Zilu presented her research on “organometallic coordination polymers for thermoelectric applications” at the E-MRS Spring Meeting in Nice, France.

May 2019: Bob gave an invited talk at the UK Thermoelectric Network Meeting at King’s College on the “design considerations for air-stable organic thermoelectric materials”.

April 2019:  Congratulations to Zilu for securing an RSC travel grant to attend the upcoming E-MRS Spring Meeting in Nice.

April 2019: Yasmin and Lewis took part in the JM-UCL industry day and presented their PhD work to industrial partners.

March 2019: The group has been awarded a research grant by The Royal Society to investigate “Supramolecular conjugated polymers – a new approach towards electronic skin”.

March 2019: Bob gave an invited outreach lecture in Luxembourg for the 50th anniversary of the Lycée du Nord.

LNWFebruary 2019: Miaomiao and Yasmin presented their work during the 1st year PhD talks at UCL.