Nayanthara Thomas

1Nayanthara is currently an MSc Student in the Department of Chemistry at University College London. She received her BSc from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura Sri Lanka (2017) and College of Chemical Sciences, Institute of Chemistry Ceylon Sri Lanka (2017). Her current research focuses on the synthesis of organometallic complexation polymers to use as intrinsic conductors in organic thermoelectric generators.

Weipeng Yin

webpicWeipeng is originally from Beijing, China and is currently a 4th-year undergraduate student at UCL. His master project focuses on the synthesis of isoindigo-based conjugated polymer as contrast agents for photoacoustic imaging under the joint supervision of Dr Bob Schroeder and Prof. Alethea Tabor. In the spare time, Weipeng enjoys travelling around London and playing card games.

Yifan Dong

YifanYifan is a master student majoring in MSc Chemical Research at University College London. She received a Bachelor degree in Applied Chemistry from Zhejiang Normal University (2018) and has joined the Schroeder Group to focus on the development of self-dopant pi-conjugated polymers.

Yassin H. Andaloussi

YassinYassin completed his BSc in Chemistry at UCL and is currently an MSci student in the department. Yassin’s current research (jointly supervised with Dr Krešo Bučar focusses on how supra-molecular hydrogen bonding interactions can be exploited in crystal engineering to improve the solid-state and physical properties of molecular semiconductors.